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I discovered my love of being an athlete 17 years ago when I decided to start running to lose weight and get into better shape...well let's be honest, I really just wanted to look good in my bathing suit. What was initially a tool to achieve my goals, along with some general fitness training, would turn into a passion that would fuel my desire to begin running long distances in some of the most beautiful areas of the Pacific Northwest and eventually lead to becoming a vegan and plant-based strength coach.

My newly discovered passion for running and love of the outdoors opened doors to pursue my journey as an athlete and becoming vegan. It was during this time that I began working in the outdoor industry and started snowboarding during the winter while continuing to run and cycle during the other three seasons. Over the years, my athletic pursuits would expand to include yoga, climbing, hiking, and mountaineering. It is safe to say that no matter what athletic endeavor I was pursing, I always strove to perform my best and often pursued professional coaching and training to take my performance to the next level.  It was also during this time that I turned to a plant-diet to improve my performance, my health, the health of the planet, and protect the welfare of animals. I found that not only did eating vegan/plant-based diet help me to feel better, I could perform just as well, if not better, on this type of diet. I have spent the last 11 years as a vegan, learning and understanding how to best fit this lifestyle and diet to my life as an athlete in a way that supports and continues to grow my performance.


 "I loved lifting heavy weights and loved the process of training and getting stronger."

In 2015, while mountaineering in the backcountry of the Pacific Northwest, I was in an accident which would be the catalyst and driving force behind my love for strength sports.  The climbing accident left me with not only with emotional wounds but also with many broken bones that would require many surgeries and years to heal and recover from. It was during this time, that I spent countless hours in physical therapy and in the gym under a barbell working to get stronger. Not only did I find that getting stronger helped heal me physically, I also found it helped heal some of the emotional wounds brought on by the trauma.  I was able to channel my love of being an athlete and training to my recovery, and in the process, discovered how much I loved lifting heavy weights and loved the process of training and getting stronger.  I decided early on that I wanted to share this with others.

I am now a strength coach, strength athlete, and Masters Raw Powerlifter with records in squat, bench, and overall total. I am also a nutrition coach with a focus on plant-based nutrition for athletes and the general population. My goal is to share my years of experiences and knowledge and help others reach their athletic potential and goals.   


I have a B. A. In Psychology and Philosophy, a Masters Degree in Teaching, National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training Certification, Nutrition Certification, Pain Free Performance Certification, and have followed a vegan diet for 12 years.  

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