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Upping Your Plant-Based Meal Game!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I have been vegan now for over 11 years and an athlete for 17 years. In terms of plant-based eating,  I am here to say as someone who has been doing this successfully for a long time, it is totally doable.  In addition to supporting performance, plant-based eating has many benefits including improving overall health. Equally important, eating a plant-based diet is kinder to the planet, is cruelty free and compassionate to animals, and significantly lowers a persons environmental footprint. Below are some tips on how to successfully incorporate and create plant-based meals into your diet.

  • Plan ahead for the meals you want to make.

  • Know your nutritional needs. Do you need more protein in your diet?  Do you need specific macros to support your performance?  

  • Decide what you want to make and shop for the items.  Have them on hand and ready to go for when you meal prep or make your meals.

  • If you are transitioning to a plant based diet, plan meals that are similar to meals you already like to eat.  For example, pasta with red sauce and meatballs:   a red sauce (no dairy in the ingredients), pasta (no egg), choose plant-based meatballs such as Gardein.  

  • TIP:  Swap animal protein for plant-protein and dairy for non-dairy alternatives. Heavy hitting plant proteins include: tofu, tempeh, edamame, seitan, TVP, beans, lentils, and plant meats such as field roast and Tofurkey products - use these in smaller quantities, however, focusing on high protein plant options as much as possible.

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