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Super-Macro Your Salad

Super-macro your salad! That is, include plenty of protein, carbohydrates, and some fat to make it a meal. 😋

This beauty has 30g of plant protein, which comes mainly from the plant-based chicken, black beans, and nutritional yeast; includes, 30g of carbs, and 15g of fat.

Need more complex carbs in your meal? Add some rice (+the beans makes a complete protein), quinoa (complete protein, btw!!), barley, etc.

I don’t like to eat the same things over and over so food prep is the key to stay on track and to get some variety. Prep 1-2 grains, 1-2 proteins, and tons of veggies for the week. You can make different salad combinations, bowls, burritos, wraps …. 👏🏼 Now, go shopping!!

In this salad: Dark greens, black beans, PB Chkn, carrots, beets, cucumbers, nutritional yeast, pickled onions, vegan blue cheese dressing.

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